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Any China?? Any good??? Hmmmm ……….Part 2

We continue with the second instalment of my trilogy on China-made truck tyres and their impact on the Australian market.So, to follow up this very open debate and after vigorous testing I have found that some China brands have caught up in quality.Not many. And I MEAN NOT MANY.For years now I have quoted in […]

Any China? Any Good? Hmmmmm?……Part 1

After 50 years in the business, I can confidently say the large percentage of truck fleet operators have no idea what they are getting when the NAME brand tyres they are buying become (what they think) is “TOO EXPENSIVE”. Their recourse is to go cheaper, because to them tyres are a consumable rather than an asset. […]

In house data management to improve truck tyre profits

For those of you running a fleet of trucks, tyres are most likely to be that commodity you don’t really think about too much because, in your mind, they last until they last and when they ‘wear out’ they are simply replaced. We have been in the tyre business for 40 years, so we understand this […]

Inflation is good for owners of long-haul vehicles

This is a positive post about inflation, but it doesn’t come from an economist. Nor is it about the Consumer Price Index or Producer Price Index, or anything of that ilk. It is an inflation issue way more important to you – that of truck tyres. More specifically, the extensively positive effect that proper air pressure has on your tyres. A simple glance from the […]


With Australia being such a large continent, trucks are travelling the length andbreadth of this huge land. This means that I have met transport professionals from allaround the country.Many remind me that I have been around for such a long time urging operators to lookafter their tyres more methodically and diligently, and recently it got […]

New Test Underway!!

Our latest test will be conducted on popular name brands Firestone and Goodyear. Steers and Drives will be assessed as well as different rotation schedule to see just how well they perform. Stayed tuned for updates and pics.

Latest Test Results On Joyall A805

Results are finally in for our latest set of test tyres. Chinese manufacturer Joyall enlisted the services of the Bears Tyre Tracker to comprehensively test the quality and performance of their product. A smart business decision on their part to see just how well they stack up against the opposition. The brand has certainly exceeded […]

TYRES – The first set choice is more important than you think!!!

When buying a new truck or trailer the dealer is always out to beat the sale price of their rival and turn a profit. That’s business. What potential purchasers forget is the INITIAL choice of tyre is paramount to provide them with lower running costs over their life and replacement time. New vehicle salesman will […]

National Suppliers Give You Nothing

Truck tyres maybe a boring subject – but whether it be major fleets to single operators, tyres not managed properly will cost them big time! This picture is a steer tyre on a major bus fleet in Sydney, serviced by a national tyre supplier. The tyre is not a cheap one and the fleet owner […]

Bus Tyre Management Saves $1,000+ per year per bus

Bears Tyre Tracker tyre management service was launched back in 2003 so we now have the benefit of hindsight of over 12 years of data captured across over 1,800 vehicles and trailers. This includes the full tyre history – fitting dates, kilometres, rotations etc for over 17,000 tyres. This documents almost 15,000 vehicle services performing […]