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Bears Tyre Tracker

The Most Comprehensive Solution: Bears Tyre Tracker records all maintenance on each position of your vehicle to provide accurate reporting and maintenance schedules for your vehicles.

Early Warning System: Any issues such as wheel alignment or axle tracking issues are quickly identified. It provides security and piece of mind with bad works or missing stock being quickly highlighted.

Optimised Maintenance Program: The Tracker provides alerts and warnings when maintenance is due on vehicles. Following the maintenance program often results in at least twice the kilometres of unmaintained tyres which provides huge cost savings to fleets.

Savings: Do you currently get over 12 months of service out of your prime mover steer tyres and exceed 120,000 service kilometres? The Bears Tyre Tracker and maintenance program regularly achieves this result. The Bears maintenance program also virtually eliminates road service calls and lost time ensuring your delivery schedules are the best in the industry.

More Information: Contact Bears Tyres to see how you can have the ultimate, second to none solution for maximum longevity and value for your trucking fleet.

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