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BEARS Tyres - Home of the Tyre Tracker

Bears Tyres has been an industry leader for decades and have expert knowledge in all facets of the truck tyre industry. With extensive experience in fleet tyre management, fitting, refurbishment and repair.

In early 2000s, they developed the world’s first software driven Tyre Tracker to monitor tyre movements, rotation schedules and show accurate costs per vehicle. With over 22 years of data, they can show how good tyre management can slash costs and dramatically extend tyre life.

Bears Tyres stands in a unique market position as an independent tyre consultancy and reseller, as well as an outsourced bureau for managing and repairing fleet tyres with its Bears Tyre Tracker.

National Service Bears provides comprehensive national service or online systems for self-management. Call today to find the best solution for your fleet tyre management.

Experience With a combination of over 50 years of experience in the industry, Bears Tyres will know what to do to help you succeed and get the best value for your vehicles.

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Bears Tyres Tracker has been helping truck fleets with optimal tyre servicing, alerts and full cost analysis . 



Bears Tyres offers a complete tyre service incorporating new tyres, run outs, retreads, repairs and re-grooves complete with balancing and rotation schedules.

Achieving full tyre service life makes your business environmentally responsible.



Over 50 years of tyre experience provides comprehensive knowledge of tyre problems and the solutions. Optimal tyre selection and management plans can double tyre life.

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Fleet Maintenance

Bears Tyres rigorous tyre maintenance and tracking provides the most optimal tyre selection and distribution, increased reliability and minimal down-time. Managed fleets achieve much higher kilometres per tyre and much lower CpKs. We have 17+ years of data to prove it. Talk to us today.


Well maintained tyres reduce the risks of badly worn tyres, incorrect pressures, poor alignment and un-roadworthy vehicles. Poor management increases risks of roll-overs, accidents or other on-road incidents that can endanger your drivers, your precious freight and other road users and assets.


Optimal tyres ensure your fleet is not delayed and minimises the need for road servicing. Think about the financial and time impacts to your business for missed deadlines, road traffic authority inspections and costs for ad-hoc repairs and replacements.

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