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Any China?? Any good??? Hmmmm ……….Part 2

We continue with the second instalment of my trilogy on China-made truck tyres and their impact on the Australian market.So, to follow up this very open debate and after vigorous testing I have found that some China brands have caught up in quality.Not many. And I MEAN NOT MANY.For years now I have quoted in many editorials that the quality, established name brands generally will always win out***BUT YES, as these years have ticked over, I see a few Chinese manufacturers making strong progress.Obviously, the labour content helps the bottom line (CPK) at the end to show the savings , but in a small percentage of Chinese brands the quality in mileage has improved greatly.Operators, fleet managers and purchasing officers need to be savvy when considering a purchase and have the correct information on this topic as the majority haven’t got a clue, thinking all China tyre products are the same …….. WRONG!!.If given the authority, they will purchase the CHEAPIES to offset blown-out workshop budgets to keep the bean counters off their case and at the same time they think THEY GOT THE DEAL OF THE CENTURY!!I can tell you that none of them follow the performance of the “greatest deal ever” because soon enough they realise it wasn’t the outcome they first expected.But they continue to bask in the deal of the century they reckon they got.I see this as a race to the bottom!One way to know the total returns of good and bad (both in the kilometres and $$) is the Bear’s Tyre Tracker. This software-based technology ensures fleet operators gain maximum lifespan from every single truck tyre across its entire fleet. For more information, take a look at our website bearstyres.comAnd make sure you keep a lookout for the final Part of our trilogy to help you understand the true position on how correct data can certainly save you $$$ and maybe even some performance figures that will astound you.


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