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Any China? Any Good? Hmmmmm?……Part 1

After 50 years in the business, I can confidently say the large percentage of truck fleet operators have no idea what they are getting when the NAME brand tyres they are buying become (what they think) is “TOO EXPENSIVE”.

Their recourse is to go cheaper, because to them tyres are a consumable rather than an asset.

So are the Chinese imports as credible or close to credible??

Testing brand vs brand through the Bear’s Tyre Tracker can help with the answer.

You manage your investments properly for a positive outcome.

So if you manage your tyres you will get the same results!

Quality always wins out! But the alternatives are there if you have the information.

Bear’s Tyre Tracker, developed and in use for over 22 years, has more data on just about every type of configuration in the truck tyre industry in Australia – and probably THE WORLD. Big statement yes, but the amount of data is staggering.

The Bear’s Tyre Tracker is software-based technology that ensures fleet operators gain maximum lifespan from every single truck tyre across its entire fleet.

Keep an eye out here for Parts 2 & 3 where more useful information will become relevant.


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