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TYRES – The first set choice is more important than you think!!!

When buying a new truck or trailer the dealer is always out to beat the sale price of their rival and turn a profit. That’s business. What potential purchasers forget is the INITIAL choice of tyre is paramount to provide them with lower running costs over their life and replacement time.

New vehicle salesman will always try put the cheaper option on and not EVEN bring up the tyres on the sale knowing the purchaser knows “new vehicle” will have “new tyres”. Operators need to take note if this the case and a lot don’t. See figures from testing done through Bears Tyre Tracker.

CASE 1.  New A-double config carting containers from Sydney port. SEE PIC.  Tyres were on rear axle of the “A” trailer. Brand is 11×22.5 Bridgestone R187 (cheap option) – YES a name brand but low end to compete with cheap china product flooding our shores.
Tyres received 59,364 kms with 1 x rotation lasting 348 days which works out at 0.63 cents per km (per tyre).

CASE 2.  New A-double same use and same position (No pics available). Tyres were 11×22.5 Goodyear LHT Tyres received 73,378 kms with 0 x rotations lasting 278 days which gave 0.53 cents per km.

This is a 16% difference between the 2 brands and patterns. One can only imagine what more they may have received if serviced properly….. With 32 tyres on an A-double config – you do the math!

Bears Tyre Tracker is the perfect tool to provide operators with this important information and has over 21 years of data from many different operations.


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