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Bus Tyre Management Saves $1,000+ per year per bus

Bears Tyre Tracker tyre management service was launched back in 2003 so we now have the benefit of hindsight of over 12 years of data captured across over 1,800 vehicles and trailers. This includes the full tyre history – fitting dates, kilometres, rotations etc for over 17,000 tyres. This documents almost 15,000 vehicle services performing over 119,000 service tasks. All up, it’s a lot of data.

A Tyre Management System That Really Works

The Bears Tyre Tracker provides a managed system to record all tyre fitments but also provide a tyre service plan fine-tuned to each vehicle and even each tyre, axle, usage or which side of the vehicle.

With all this data, we are in a privileged position to compare the performance of tyres not only between vehicles but even between axles or even sides of the vehicle.

We have extremely comprehensive data comparing not only brands of tyres but models of tyres – and even how newer versions of particular model tyres perform. Did that new rubber compound mix improve the tyre performance? Is that cheaper imported tyre costing more? We can tell you.

Our data shows how seasonal variations affect tyre longevity. It also provides accurate data on how tyres perform for various classes of vehicles and what sort of driving conditions they experience.

All this data also means we can calculate CPK (cents per kilometre) figures… the most accurate CPK numbers we’ve ever seen. And our CPK numbers for our managed fleets are the lowest we’ve ever seen – and they incorporate every service task done to that tyre or vehicle.

The Bears Tyre Tracker excels in a planned maintenance program for each vehicle’s tyre. This reports when tyres should be rotated and alerts when it hasn’t been done.

In an age where customers are trying to save $10 on buying a tyre they often neglect the important part – maintenance – which can save in excess of 30% in pure dollar costs and increase kilometre yields by upwards of 70%.

Here’s some real data from a large bus fleet for rear axle performance for one brand of tyre.

Tyre kilometre yield by rotations
This chart shows how correctly maintained tyres achieving three rotations (green column) across its life time yield 67% more kilometres compared to an unmaintained tyre (yellow column).


Bus tyre rotations CPK savings
This chart shows how maintained tyres achieve a 31% better CPK per tyre.

So this is what it all comes down to:

Saves over $1000 per bus per year
Every vehicle could cost $1000 less for drive tyres per 100,000 kilometres.

For every bus in this fleet where tyres were correctly serviced as per the Bears Tyre Tracker schedule, this equals a real dollar saving of $1,007 for every 100,000 kilometres travelled.

This is only rear axle data – steers benefit too.

To be clear, this data is from 72 buses which always used the same tyre type on the rear axle.

For the best examples, buses only required 1 set of drive tyres per year. How does your fleet compare?

The Bears Tyre Tracker provides tremendous cost and environmental benefits for any vehicle fleet for a low nominal fee per month per vehicle. Bears Tyres provide weekly reports on servicing due or electronic access to look up vehicle status. Your workshop must be diligent to do the work when due and report work completed so it is captured in the Tracker.

Fleets use far less tyres and achieve higher reliability with less down time. Regular servicing and inspection also increases fleet safety – all whilst saving money. It’s a rare combination!

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