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Latest test of the Joyall 501

Quantity 8, 11×22.5 Joyall on front and rear drive axles

Test vehicle is an 8 wheeler front lift garbage truck doing double shifts for a leading waste management company. The vehicle is constantly averaging payloads of up to 7 tonne.

The following tyres were managed through Bears Tyre Tracker and all maintenance costs are included in the final CPK (cost per kilometre) figure.

Tyres had 2 rotations over their lifetime starting August 3rd 2020.

Tyres recorded final mileage of 31,401 kilometres over 107 days and achieving a CPK of 1.17 cents per kilometre per tyre.

Joyall tyres during service
Joyall tyres end result fully utilised

For consistent results like this, servicing tyres at correct intervals via the Bears Tyre Tracker is paramount.

Previous Test Tyres on this vehicle

Tyre TypeKmsDaysCPK%
E47 Recaps18,102611.45
VU Recaps18,608761.47
Joyall Test31,4011071.1719.8 % better
VU tyre set final
E47 tyre set final

When testing on vehicles such as this, ambient temperature plays a major factor in total kilometres – the above recaps were certainly in the hotter months of testing.

This truck is now testing Bandag BDV recaps – stay tuned!


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