Trucking Fleet Tyre Management, Tracking And Consulting

No Maintenance

Same tyre below as shown above from the other side – another tyre wasted due to no maintenance These show tyres that have not been maintained  at all except for pressure.  This is also diagonal tread wear.  Tyres typically seem ok with the amount of tread but because of 0 maintenance 50% is shot. Eventually […]

Poor Alignment

These show prime mover with extreme alignment problem.  Bears Tyre Tracker will alert the operator to problems such as this immediately.  Sometimes in large fleets this could be missed for many months before required action is taken. How many sets of steers have you lost like this because of  lack of knowledge on your vehicles […]

Poor Rotation Timing

Show tyres that were out of rotation schedule by 10 weeks. As you can see not only would there be a lot of bouncing around but the large loss of tread life costing the operator big $$$$$$

Ruined Tyres get a New Lease of Life

These tyres above have irregular wear known as scalloping due to no rotations in their 261 days of life thus far. Left unattended this scalloping would rapidly increase tyre wear and dramatically reduce the tyre life. How many do you see in your fleet like this? The scalloped tyres from above  have been skimmed to rejuvenate […]

Diagonal Tread Wear

This photograph taken of a trailer operated by a major national fleet and maintained by a big brand tyre company shows bad diagonal tread wear. Already this tyre has lost 10-15% of its useful life and untreated (as they often are) will be a large loss to the operator. For whose benefit? If serviced or […]