Ruined Tyres get a New Lease of Life

These tyres above have irregular wear known as scalloping due to no rotations in their 261 days of life thus far. Left unattended this scalloping would rapidly increase tyre wear and dramatically reduce the tyre life. How many do you see in your fleet like this? The scalloped tyres from above  have been skimmed to rejuvenate […]

Specialised Consultancy Launched For Truck Fleet Operators

Truck tyre maintenance specialist Bear’s Tyres has launched what is arguably Australia’s first independent ‘specialised tyre maintenance consultancy’ for truck fleet operators. Managing Director of the company, Mr Brad Bearman, is personally heading this new service which will see him travel to the premises of any medium/large fleets to make a thorough analysis of the […]

Exposing The Depth Test Myth On Truck Tyre Grooves

A leading independent tyre management consultant is adamant that the longstanding industry practice of depth-testing tread grooves in truck tyres is a poor way of analysing if a costly truck tyre should be replaced or not. Mr Brad Bearman, of Bear’s Tyres, which manages tyre maintenance for several national carriers, says the old-style depth test […]

Tyre Truths And Tattles

Every fleet operator out there would know that when it comes to costs, its fuel that’s number 1, followed very closely by tyres at the number two spot. Yet whilst many operators go in boots and all to try and lower their fuel costs, when it comes to tyres, it seems they are treated like […]

Tyre Retreads : Industry’s Mythical Fear

It is time the many myths surrounding the retreading of truck tyres and those of other commercial fleets are dispelled, according to Australia’s only independent national tyre management specialist. There seems to be a near blanket belief that retreaded tyres are completely useless and offer nothing but a cheap and dangerous solution to otherwise unscrupulous operators. “Nothing could be further from the truth,” […]

Airport Trucks Beat The Twists And Turns

The rapid influence of the world first Bear’s Tyre Tracker in maximising the lifespan of tyres has now gone beyond the traditional, mainstream road truck fleet and into more specialised areas of industry. Bear’s Tyre Tracker has been implemented by Alpha Flight Services which is stationed at Sydney’s Kingsford Smith airport where its specially designed […]

Wheel Warranty Evasion A Thing Of The Past

Transport managers and fleet operators that have to squabble with tyre dealerships over warranties on a national basis now have a way around this problem. The point of contention has normally been that the big multinational tyre suppliers have a tendency to wiggle out of honouring warranties on products that fail. Their argument is normally […]

Wheel Service Personnel Drought Beaten

Unlike in the 1970s and 1980s, young people in the Australian workforce today don’t find the art of tyre changing such an attractive career proposition. Although the lack of general interest is perhaps the greatest single reason why this particular skill is now potentially a lucrative job area, there is a genuine shortage. Transport companies […]

Singapore Rubber Plant A Warning For Price Hikes

The fact that the world’s leading synthetic rubber company Lanxess has brought forward its plans to build a new butyl rubber facility in Singapore is a strong message for all Australian companies relying on rubber components to maximise this premium. More so, it is the planet’s worst kept secret that construction of this US$575m plant […]

Disclosure For Government Bus Administrators The Wheel Deal

A forecast international increase in the price of rubber is about to throw a new challenge to the State governments of Australia. Government bus fleets will find that the price of tyres they use are almost certain to suffer price inflation due to demands in stock by the massive populations of Asia’s emerging markets. Tender […]