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Wheel Service Personnel Drought Beaten

Unlike in the 1970s and 1980s, young people in the Australian workforce today don’t find the art of tyre changing such an attractive career proposition.

Although the lack of general interest is perhaps the greatest single reason why this particular skill is now potentially a lucrative job area, there is a genuine shortage.

Transport companies and fleet managers have been voicing concerns in recent years that the tyre business — as a result of the shortage of skilled personnel – may be indulging in a lot of guesswork when it comes to maintaining and replacing tyres.

The argument is that in many situations, the lack of expertise sees perfectly good tyres taken off vehicles far too early, so it costs the operators more money.

But this should not be the case, according to independent tyre supplier and tyre lifecycle management specialist, Mr Brad Bearman of Bear’s tyres.

Bear’s Tyres is the first in the world to develop software-driven tyre tracking system – Bear’s Tyre Tracker – which has had a timely entry into the market in light of this diminishing skill on which the transport industry relies.

“Over the past 15 to 20 years, the art of changing tyres has become far more technical and has been calling for a greater technique from the tyre handlers, but now there are hardly any of them around,” said Mr Bearman.

“Young guys just don’t find this profession attractive any more, and conditions like this can easily find the transport industry relying on limited expertise with something as important as truck tyres.

“This is where the Tyre Tracker is invaluable because it returns so much data about every single tyre it.

“It cuts out the guesswork and covers the slack that could easily be a problem due to the lack of available expertise.

Bear’s Tyre Tracker is a software base system that logs every single tyre owned by a fleet operator and allows these tyres to be properly tracked, right down to the axle on which they are fitted, and ensures optimised rotation and rebalancing to extract every bit possible from the expected lifespan of a tyre.

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