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10th August 2015 – LinkedIn Pulse – Bus Tyre Management Saves $1,000+ Per Year Per Bus

21st May 2015 – LinkedIn Pulse – An End To Disappearing Tyre Plague For Fleets Owners And Transporters

12th May 2015 – LinkedIn Pulse – ‘Tyred’ Old Case Must Align To Avoid Too Hard Basket

4th May 2015 – LinkedIn Pulse – Is the right person managing your fleet? (Part 2)

26th April 2015 – LinkedIn Pulse – Is the right person managing your fleet?

23rd June 2011 – Ferret – Bear’s Tyre Tracker develops comprehensive databank on fleet tyres

22nd June 2011 – Logistics Magazine – Tyre Tracker provides alerts

09th June 2011 – Tyre Press – 7 years of data in Tyre Tracker

07th June 2011 – T&L News – Truck, bus fleets can cut the cost of carbon tax

03rd June 2011 – Ferret – Carbon Tax Slant

01st June 2011 – Food Mag – Food truck fleets can cut the cost of carbon tax

11th May 2011 – Ferret – Myth about Retreads

7th May 2011 – New Bus Search – Tyre Tracker to cut costs

4th May 2011 – Manufacturers’ Monthly – Transporters now facing the wheel deal with world’s biggest tyre plant

31st January 2011 – Issuu – Avoiding Fuel Wastage

13th January 2011 – Government Supply News – Tyre dumping can be cut down drastically says tyre boss

29th November 2010 – Tyre Tracker saves fuel – Key to Fuel Efficiency is Regular Tyre Maintenance

24th November 2010 – Tyre Press – Tyre Tracker saves fuel

11th November 2010 – Mercury awards – Bear’s Tyres is Finalist at the Prestigious Mercury Awards

29th October 2010 – Post-Mercury Awards – Logistics Mercury Awards ‘Turning Point’ for Tyre Company

5th August 2010 – Premature stripping costs tyres – Premature Type Stripping Costing Fleet Operators Time and Money

20th July 2010 – Logistics Magazine – Bears Tyres a Finalist in Best Green Initiative for 2010 Mercury Awards

17th June 2010 – Supply Chain Review – Bear’s Tyre Tracker to end tyre rorting

28th April 2010 – HK Machinery & Materials – ‘Independent’ develops tracker to maximise lifespan of every single tyre in fleet

27th April 2010 – Bear’s Tyre Tracker – Bear’s Tyres Launches Tyre Tracker

27th April 2010 – Logistics Magazine – Bear’s Tyres launches tyre tracker 

20th April 2010 – – Bear’s releases tyre tracker to cut costs

20th April 2010 – Australiasian Transport News – Bear’s releases tyre tracker to cut costs

19th April 2010 – HK Machinery & Materials – Truck tyres – cheap or expensive, each can be maximised


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