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Carbon Tax Slant

Bear’s Tyres Recommends Tyre Management to Cut Carbon Tax Impact

By Bear’s Tyres 03 June 2011
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Mr Brad Bearman of Bear’s Tyres

Leading tyre management company Bear’s Tyres believes that regular tyre maintenance can help bus and truck fleets reduce the impact of the proposed carbon tax.

Australian industry is concerned that a new carbon tax will have significant financial impact on every aspect of their businesses, increasing costs on each component. Carbon tax is likely to increase the cost of running a fleet of trucks, buses and vans due to the exhaust emissions of the vehicles.

Proper tyre management seems to be the only solution for fleet operators to maintain affordability in the event of any carbon tax.

Expert in tyre management, Mr Brad Bearman of Bear’s Tyres says that operators must be aware of turning tyres into a profit generator rather than a loss-maker. Fleet owners have generally considered tyres as a consumable rather than an asset, but the carbon tax issue is making them take a second look at tyre management.

Brad Bearman developed an innovative tool, the Bear’s Tyre Tracker to aid fleet managers. The tool was designed to simply and accurately manage and cost-quantify the entire lifecycle of every tyre in a fleet.

The Tyre Tracker software offers complete transparency, providing the fleet operator complete visibility on all running costs over the entire lifecycle of each tyre.

Fleet owners and operators now understand the importance of extracting every single kilometre, every single day of performance from each and every tyre, to keep their tyre costs in check if the carbon tax is introduced.

The tyre management software helps turn fleet tyres into a capital asset rather than a costly consumable, giving control of this asset to managers and owners rather than drivers.

Bear’s Tyre Tracker consolidates all operations and depots under a single umbrella. The software takes the guesswork out of tyre replacement ensuring that tyres are never retired too early or wasted quickly.

Mr. Bearman comments that most logistics companies have little or no idea how to properly maintain their truck tyres, even allowing tyres with 30-50% rubber left on them to be tossed out.

In addition to saving money by extending the life of each tyre, fleet companies can help save the environment with less wastage.

On an average, the Tyre Tracker software can save up to 25-50% on tyre changing costs and also bring the cost per kilometre (CpK) down to very low levels.


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