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Bears Tyres Heritage

This is the text of the article above as published in the mid 1960s about the founder of Bears Tyres. Today Bear’s Tyres still operates with same principles to get the best results for their clients.

Bearman – Blue Streak Combination Impresses N.S.W. Car Racing Fraternity

For the past 15 months Norm Bearman, General line Salesman, Territory 2, N.S.W., has been Goodyear representative to the motor racing fraternity.

Meetings covered by Norm and his crew from Motor Tyre Service Stores are Warwick Farm near Sydney, Katoomba, Bathurst, and recently Oran Park, a small but increasingly popular circuit nestling close to historic Camden Town.

Norm is eagerly sought at race meetings for his knowledge and his willingness to help all competitors get the most out of their tyres. He has been instrumental in promoting the Good-sports cars and sedans participating in this increasingly popular sport.

“To give motor racing drivers a high speed tyre plus wear, stability and cheaper cost per race mile, Goodyear has developed the Blue Streak, an amazing tyre which is made in three compounds namely T3, T4 or T5,” thus Norm presents his case to racing drivers in a most eloquent manner. “The different compounds are used for each condition as it is met and as with all Goodyear products the correct compound is recommended after assessing type of track, track surfaces and weather conditions.

“The tyres wearing qualities can be borne out by a set of 5 x 20 – 13 4-ply T3 tyres used by Bruce McPhee, who is recognised as Australia’s top Holden driver,” Norm quotes an example. “The first two tyres were replaced after completing some 500 track miles and the other original tyres have some ¼ in. of the tread left. This rate of wear is by far less than any other brand tyre being used on sports cars and sedans on racing circuits in Australia.

“As with all vehicles on racing circuits or highway use, the largest expense is the tyre bill,” Norm further develops his theme. “The cost of Blue Streaks are comparable with opposition brand racing or high speed tyres and in some sizes are cheaper initially. Add to this the mileage factor and once again Goodyear comes to the fore in the assistance they give the motor racing sport by producing the best and cheapest sports car tyre in Australia,” is Norm’s final conclusion.

“Help and sell” is the golden rule applied by Norm Bearman, and his racing tyre successes indicate that he is on the right track.


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